Coffee Classes

Upcoming Courses

  • Stay tuned for the announcement of more courses in 2021!

Sensory Educational Training (SET)

This program allows us to share COE knowledge with those who want to improve their businesses by driving coffee excellence. ACE members, non-members, roasters, and retailers with cupping experience are invited to join us for a four-day intensive training. The Sensory Education events are a great opportunity for you to improve your sensory skills, evaluate coffee with greater accuracy, consistency, and confidence, while also building relationships among fellow members of the global coffee community.


An introduction to the COE protocol

  • Instruction on COE Cupping
  • Sensory Score Sheet
  • Flavor recognition
  • Acid profiling
  • Calibration
  • Multiple cupping sessions with lively discussion

Field Trips

All five-day events take place in origin countries and include a group tour of coffee farms and mills where you may see picking or processing in action. Four-day events in other countries may include a self-guided tour of cafes or roasters offered by the local host.


All event participants will receive a Certificate of Participation on the final day.


Event participants will be able to identify various aspects of quality in the cup such as clean, sweet, balance, acidity, and mouthfeel. Tasters will be able to define quality both verbally and through appropriate consistent scoring.